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Online Media Tours Score Big Hits

April 13, 2012

Rob Lowe OMTAs the demand for new multimedia communications and social media outreach grows in this increasingly digital age, so does the need for connecting with audiences of targeted news sites and blogs. Today we execute and respond to more client inquiries or requests for Online Media Tours than ever before. Though OMTs are seen as cheaper, less attractive alternatives when compared to the traditional broadcast Satellite Media Tour (SMT), recent OMT web hits may leave you questioning why you haven’t yet jumped on the online tour bandwagon.

While NBN produces more OMTs than ever before, the online hits continue to improve while impressions from internet audiences increase as well. Attached are samples of some of these hits from our most recent tours, including earlier this week with Rob Lowe for the ‘Visit California’ tourism campaign. Most hits result in video interviews, some in print or at least a story conceived from the interview. Ideally, as in this case, Huffington Post featured both the interview in print with the tour video embedded within the page.


And, Huff-Po isn’t reserved just for A-list celeb bookings. In fact, we already have them on the schedule next week for a much lesser known celebrity. As always, the real key is having a great story to tell and a great media relations team to book interviews with quality media outlets.

Interview video syndication on top news sites

Additionally, we are consistently booking with CineStars and CineSports, which are syndicated programming platforms for many top market newspaper and lifestyle websites and that yield 6 – 15 million unique viewers every month. Interview video footage is directly placed on-page and plays on up to 75 or so sites like the sample featured below. Even more impressive, they edit the interview segment to fit their programming format and look like a television news clip.

Want to see more samples of top hits from our online tours? No problem, just ask .

And through NBNs multimedia web portal, NewsInfusion.com, all media content from the OMT is placed on a SEO and social media enhanced EPK and video is syndicated to our network of the web’s top viral video and social sharing sites

OMTs starting now at $9,000!

• Video streamed live to interviewing sites, video recorded on professional HD digital video camera with the file then sent to interview site for posting
• 15- 20 interviews, including some radio (4-6 bookings) conducted from our on-site production studio facility
• NBN Sr. Producer, Videographer and Digital media coordinator on-site
• Interviews available for posting beginning right after the tour and complete within 24 hours
• Guaranteed interview placement options
• NewsInfusion.com EPK page to host all of your media content and press materials in broadcast quality
• Online syndication to 100+ top video sharing and social media sites
• Catering
• Monitoring via producer follow-up calls and web or blog/news site posting verification
• Reporting with monthly unique visitors/viewers for sites and blogs
• Arbitron AQH audiences for radio


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