Public Service Announcements (PSA)

NBN is the premiere broadcast public and media relations firm for producing and distributing award-winning radio and television PSA programming. WIth an always updated and full database of media contacts and PSA directors nationwide, we reach virtually every broadcast station across every US media market. We distribute our clients PSA’s to appropriate target outlets or to a large national audience, using the most advanced media outreach, delivery and tracking technologies on the market. View our PSA sample reel.

Your PSA message is important: getting it on the air is our priority.¬†We understand the competition and urgency for airtime, as broadcasters only have limited time-slots available to air PSAs. But with our professionally-designed disc label artwork and packaging solutions, PSAlibrary digital distribution and HD media download platform, we have the most experience and best resources to catch the attention of PSA Directors and media nationwide and successfully get our client’s PSAs on the air and into viewer’s living rooms. Learn more about our PSA services & distribution options, or request a custom proposal today.

Production & Distribution Services

    Hard-Copy Distribution

  • Custom local or targeted distribution
  • National distribution to (up to) every station in every market
  • CD/DVD production, mastering & duplication
  • 4-color printing of artwork with mailer insert & up to 4-color CD/DVD surface
  • Station research, station call-back survey, reply cards & cover letter
  • Packaging & postage
  • Beta SP or Blu-Ray also available

    Digital Distribution

  • PSAs hosted in full 1080p HD and broadcast quality SD files on its own unique, custom designed/ branded, SEO & social media enhanced webpage for the media and the online viewing public
  • PSAs distributed through PSALibrary to over 10,000 radio and over 4,000 TV media outlet subscribers and PSA directors, reaching virtually every broadcast station in every US market
  • Sigma SpotTrac & Digital reply cards
  • Syndication to top online video outlets and social media portals & EPK

    Media Monitoring

  • Digital/electronic and call-back monitoring
  • Comprehensive tracking/monitoring of every media outlet in every market
  • Sigma SpotTrac
  • Critical Mention
  • Detailed and presentation-ready results reporting
  • Aggressive pitching to top national/local media outlets and online promotion/targeted blog & website outreach