Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Production & Distribution Services

    Hard-Copy Distribution

  • Custom local or targeted distribution
  • National distribution to (up to) every station in every market
  • CD/DVD production, mastering & duplication
  • 4-color printing of artwork with mailer insert & up to 4-color CD/DVD surface
  • Station research, station call-back survey, reply cards & cover letter
  • Packaging & postage
  • Beta SP or Blu-Ray also available

    Digital Distribution

  • PSAs hosted in full 1080p HD and broadcast quality SD files on its own unique, custom designed/ branded, SEO & social media enhanced webpage for the media and the online viewing public
  • PSAs distributed through PSALibrary to over 10,000 radio and over 4,000 TV media outlet subscribers and PSA directors, reaching virtually every broadcast station in every US market
  • Sigma SpotTrac & Digital reply cards
  • Syndication to top online video outlets and social media portals & EPK

    Media Monitoring

  • Digital/electronic and call-back monitoring
  • Comprehensive tracking/monitoring of every media outlet in every market
  • Sigma SpotTrac
  • Critical Mention
  • Detailed and presentation-ready results reporting
  • Aggressive pitching to top national/local media outlets and online promotion/targeted blog & website outreach