NBN Helps Two Tech Companies Launch New Digital Consumer Products

July 5, 2011 – Jumping next to the technology field for the following two projects, both announcing new digital or electronic products to keep an eye on this summer. Starting first with Shari’s client Edelman who, on June 30th, did a 2 feed package as part of their launch of the HP TouchPad Tablet. Now available in stores, the new HP TouchPad with webOS is designed to work the way you like to. It lets you connect, play, surf, and share more easily, without barriers or complications. As HP’s first breakthrough in the tablet category, the TouchPad offers next-level multitasking with intuitive features like HP Synergy, Just Type and HP’s exclusive Touch to Share feature. We released the video with blast fax and email station notification but without pitching, still, it totaled over 215 broadcasts and 10 million earned media impressions. See more on NewsInfusion here… http://newsinfusion.com/events/hptouchpad
Also announcing a new piece of consumer electronic technology was LG, as they unveiled their new 3D TV during a satellite and radio media tour as part of their Summer of 3D campaign. In this one-camera, three-hour tour in New York City recently, NBN’s own gifted producer pulled off a more than formidable 25 interviews and smoothly conducted the operation with the style and grace of an 18th century composer. The RNR also included Audiomax 1.5 and secured TV airings on KTNV, KATU, WXIA, WFLA and WTMJ. Including radio, the total broadcasts had almost 2,000 broadcasts and exceeded 11 million media impressions. Guess it must be some TV! See so for yourself on NI… www.newsinfusion.com/events/lg3dtv