She’s the Queen of the Little Monsters and Twitter

May 17th, 2011- Lady Gaga has smashed several music industry records, and is now topping the Twitter charts. She is the first Twitter user to have more than 10 million followers.  With excitement, the music maven tweeted this message:

Lady Gaga reaches 10 million followers

Lady Gaga Tweets to 10 Million Monsters


Not only is she the Twitter Queen, but was also the first person to have over 10 million Facebook fans and 1 billion views on YouTube.  In fact, Google asked her to visit their headquarters for a taped Q&A session, called “Gaga Goes Google.” You can see that interview here. So how did she reach this amount of fans?  Can a lesson be learned for others? Of course, an overwhelming amount of little monsters (what she calls her fans) and fame have helped her be the celebrity social media queen.

If you’re looking to gain more followers on Twitter, try our Top 5 Twitter Tips:

1. You can’t thank someone enough: If someone follows you, re-tweets your tweet, or replies to a question you posted, make sure to thank them publicly on your wall.  We all love to be acknowledged.  The more @ replies on your wall, shows others that you like to converse with your followers.

2. Plan your tweets. Take some time in the morning to find interesting stories, blog posts, photos or videos.  Then use a tool like HootSuite to schedule them throughout the day.  This way you can reach your followers throughout the day, and more importantly, for the time differences on the East and West Coasts.  This maximizes the tweet’s potential.  Besides, you don’t want to forget your followers just because they live somewhere else.  Broaden your reach geographically! Check back in the evening to see if those stories have developed.  Social media is a 24-7 job.

3. Include your social links in your profile. By including links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or website, it will help drive traffic to your social channels.  This is the same for including links in your email signatures.  It’s similar to the hyperlinks that we include on the blog post.  Go ahead, increase our traffic by clicking!

4. Use hash tags. Many Twitter users search for water cooler topics by hash tags (#). For example, the BET Awards Show is a trending topic on Twitter this week. Say you wanted to be a part of the music awards show conversation.  You should tweet your own links to music stories or opinions and end the post with #betawards. By ending each twitter comment with #betawards your tweets will appear in the search.  The idea is that when someone searches the topic, they will see your tweet and begin to follow you.

5. Stop promoting only yourself. Do you have a friend that only talks about themselves?  Well, by promoting only yourself on your twitter feed, you become that friend.  Author and Social Media King, Chris Brogan wrote in his book, Social Media 101, that some use their feed like a bullhorn and other use it like a walkie-talkie.  In order to communicate, there needs to be two people engaging in a conversation. Try a mix of small self-promotion, a sprinkling of sharing industry news, a heavy dose of conversing with followers, and top it off with re-tweeting.  Once you start this social media recipe, others in your community will do the same for you in return.

You’ll notice that many popular users, including Lady Gaga follow these same rules.  It can strengthen your community, foster relationships, and increase the flow of knowledge and information in your field.  Have an extra tip that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you!  Send us an email.