Spring is in the Air

April 26th, 2011-With the weather changing, allergies, fevers and colds have been affecting all of us, especially kids. You know the drill: Your child gets a cold from their classmate in school, then your kid passes it to you, and you pass it to your co-worker.

According to a clinical report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, many parents are confused about what to do when their child has fever. For our partner, Rosica Strategic Public Relations, representing Exergen Temporal Artery thermometers, we produced an AudioMax RNR on fever with pediatrician, author and parenting expert Dr. Laura Jana.  Dr. Jana says fever is a cause for concern, but actually serves a useful purpose in helping the body fight infection. She says it’s important to monitor a child’s temperature and for a newborn to a few months old, she recommends using a rectal thermometer, after that age though, she says temporal artery thermometers are easier and faster to use.

And forget the age old advice, “starve a fever and feed a cold.” Today, doctors encourage anyone with a cold or flu to drink plenty of fluids and eat moderately to keep their energy up. For more advice listen to this report.